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With over forty years of experience in providing residential electrical services in the Atlanta Area, Executive Electrical Services offer one-stop solution for all your servicing and installation requirements.
Having a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we take pride in offering quality, affordable and reliable services that exceed your expectations; making us one of the best in Atlanta region. We offer a wide range of residential electrical services which include installing recessed lighting, ceiling fan installations, flat screen TVs installation, security cameras installation to name a few.

Install Recessed Lighting

Getting recessed lighting installed is definitely a classic and stylish way to illuminate the rooms in your house. You can add beautiful and evenly placed lighting to any room with these ambient lights. We at Executive Electrical Services can help you do it with perfection! Our experts will help you plan a lighting scheme and install a recessed lighting scheme to make your dream home.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Fans are a beautiful addition to any room in the house and at the same time, are practical as they help reduce the air conditioning costs when the weather turns warm. Are you considering adding a new, more power-saving ceiling fan in your room? Installing a ceiling fan all by yourself can be both complicated and dangerous. Our experts can help install the ceiling fan in your room quickly and efficiently.

Install Electrical Outlets

Just bought a new television set or a new appliance for which you need a new electrical outlet? We can help you with the installation. Our expert electricians can install a new electrical outlet or fix an old one to perfection; adding the outlets just where you’ve always wanted it to be. Doing it all by yourself can be a bit tricky, while our experts will get it right the first time – saving your time and effort both!

Install Flat Screen TVs

A flat screen TV is not only good for your eyes but also acts as a great addition to any room, thanks to its sleek design. However, installing it on your own can be a bit cumbersome, and it is best suited for the professionals to handle the process while you sit back and relax. Our experts can install your flat screen TV at a location of your choosing and also render any advice that you may need.

Hot Tub Circuit Installations

A hot tub is a great addition to your bathroom, but the installation is quite a tricky and difficult process. Right from using the correct size of the circuit breaker to wiring and other aspects, hot tub circuit installation can be difficult. Worry not, for our experts, can help you with the installation process while you sit back and relax.

Electrical Inspections

If you’re getting a new connection or wish to get a power quality analysis done to save power consumption, electrical inspections are a must. It also helps in ensuring the safety of your family members. You can also get a re-verification of installations done before to get a certificate of verification for insurance and another purpose by our experts.

Home Rewiring

A house is fitted with wiring for power distribution to all the appliances and lighting you use. However, any house more than twenty years old may need an upgrade in the wiring in order to function safely. Aluminum and knot & tube wiring are two of the outdated wiring examples that should be replaced with the newer wiring. Re-wiring is the safest solution, and our experts will get it right the first time.

Hardwired Smoke Detectors

Most of the fire fatalities occur at night when everyone is asleep, giving little or no opportunity for people to escape the wrath of fire. Therefore, it is very crucial to get hardwired smoke detectors installed in your house. Hardwired smoke detectors are connected to the main wiring of your house, as well as interconnected, which means that all the alarms will sound if one alarm detects smoke. You can get hardwired smoke detectors installed by our experts who will install it effectively and at the right places for best results.

Surge Protection

Electrical surges are caused by voltage fluctuations in the electricity coming into your house, these fluctuations are usually produced by problems in the service provided by your electric company. The best way to prolong the life of your electric devices is by installing surge protectors that will regulate these spikes coming into your house and will prevent the damage these could cause.

Flood Lighting

Lighting up your place or business with floodlights not only improves the appearance at night, but it also provides an added safety feature and makes your place less prone to the target of robbers. However, for effective results, it is essential that the installations are done properly. We at Executive Electrical Services can help you do that as our experts will run all the wiring to perfection and get it right the first time!

Service and Panel Upgrades

An electrical panel helps keep your home safe by regulating the electricity flow in the system and breaking the circuit in case of overloading. However, as the electrical panels get older, its capacity to handle the electricity demand on the system becomes more difficult. Our home uses up much more energy than it used to, ten years back and therefore, service panel can become a safety hazard if not upgraded at the earliest. Our experts at Executive Electrical Services can check the electrical panel in your house and effectively upgrade it to match the electrical demands of your house.

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