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When Marietta need home rewiring, they choose Executive Electrical Services.

Whether your electrical system is malfunctioning or you need to rewire the house for renovations, our professional crew has the experience and training necessary to provide home rewiring services that are effective and safe.

Don’t trust just anyone with your sensitive electrical system. Choose the licensed Marietta electricians who have spent years honing their craft

When Do You Need Home Rewiring?

As electricians, we have plenty of experience building electrical systems for new homes from the ground up. But when exactly do you need to hire a professional for home rewiring services in Marietta?

Home rewiring is primarily concerned with updating homes that are out of code or unsafe. Alternatively, homes that are adding a new room or making other major renovations will likely need professional rewiring in order to ensure that your systems are running as safely and efficiently as possible.

Here are some signs that you may need a professional Marietta home rewiring expert:

  • Light bulbs frequently burn out faster than they should.
  • Discoloration or overheating of outlets.
  • Frequent and unexplained tripping of your circuit breaker (or blown fuses).
  • Outlets or bulbs that emit a burning smell.
  • Several ungrounded outlets throughout the home.
  • Dimming or flickering lights, especially when other appliances turn on.

Home Rewiring Inspections

When you move into a new home, you may not know much about the existing electrical systems. Especially for older homes, you don’t want to run the risk of going years without knowing that you are living in risk of electrical fire.

Executive Electrical Services is happy to offer inspections of your home in order to determine if rewiring is in order. Just get in touch to learn more about how we can help.

Home Rewiring is Not a Do-It-Yourself Job

There are plenty of home repairs that you can do yourself and save some money. Paint your own rooms, replace your toilet yourself, and maybe even patch your own shingles.

But unless you are professionally trained for electrical work, you should not attempt to rewire your own home.

Not only do you run real risk of electrical shock during the job, but doing it wrong can seriously increase your chances of experiencing an electrical fire down the line. So when it comes to home rewiring for Marietta residents, always choose a licensed professional electrician.

The Best Home Rewiring Services in Marietta

You rely on your electricity every single day to power your lights, keep your food cold in the fridge, and stream movies on your computer. But have you ever thought about what lies beyond the outlet?

Your home’s wiring is like it’s nervous system. A vast network of interconnected wires that transmit power from one place to another. When everything is going well, you hardly notice it. But when something goes wrong, it’s an inconvenience at best and a fire hazard at worst.

That’s why homeowners trust Executive Electrical Services to get their Marietta home rewiring done right. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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